Clinical Advisory Network on Sex and Gender

We are a group of UK and Ireland based clinicians calling for greater understanding of the effects of sex and gender in healthcare.

Welcome to the first in our series of interactive webinars.  These webinars will begin to cover the scope of our concerns and our work in the field of sex and gender in health care #CANSGDoNoHarm

CAN SG comprises of regulated health and social care professionals, including doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychotherapists, and others, whether in training, clinical practice, academia, or retired.

Our aims are to:

● Enhance professional and public understanding of the nature of sex, gender, gender roles and identity, with respect to medicine and healthcare.

● Improve knowledge about the causes, consequences and treatments of gender dysphoria, drawing on best evidence.

● Promote free and respectful discourse on sex, gender and gender identity between healthcare professionals.

Our values are rooted in universalism, compassion and respect for human rights.

“First, do no harm” means we take seriously the responsibility of all clinicians to examine potential harms associated with all healthcare interventions, especially when treating vulnerable populations, and to address uncertainty with research.

We welcome constructive dialogue within healthcare and are committed to considering a range of views in order to clarify understanding of evidence and to facilitate clear communication.

While unable to offer personalised clinical advice or services to individuals regarding specific gender dysphoria or gender related health concerns, our website provides general information in the form of FAQs and publications, as well as signposts to organisations which may be helpful.