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Conversion practices bill: CAN-SG’s evidence

In May 2023 a group of doctors and therapists who are members of CAN-SG gave evidence to two cross party groups of parliamentarians, both MPs and Peers, about the risks of including gender identity in legislation to ban conversion practices, especially for the clinical care of gender questioning children and young people.

The bill has been shelved for the time being but is likely to reappear after the general election next year, whichever party wins.

Much of the evidence they gave is relevant to current discussions in the UK and around the world about the pros and cons of “gender affirming care” and exploratory psychotherapy, as well as ongoing debates about “conversion practices” and the likelihood of future legislation. These discussions have been sharpened by recent developments notably the recommendations of the intrim Cass review and NHS England on treatment of children and young people with gender dysphoria.

So, although the conversion practices bill is no longer imminent, we think our supporters may like to read the evidence that CAN-SG members gave to the parliamentarians on the bill, as it is still relevant to much that is currently being debated. It includes contributions from Dr David Bell, Professor Sallie Baxendale, Dr Az Hakeem, Dr Bob Withers, as well as two GPs, a CAMHS Psychiatrist and an Adult Psychiatrist, who are anonymous because, unfortunately, many health care professionals still do not feel free to talk publicly about this issue.