About us

We are building a coalition of clinicians to campaign for clearer dialogue, better data collection, rigorous science and improved treatment options for gender dysphoria.

  • Clinicians have a duty to be transparent and honest about what we know and don’t know and take seriously any concerns raised about the risks of doing harm.
  • We believe the sexed categories of male and female encompass all expressions of gender, personality types and behaviours.
  • People who are distressed or questioning their gender should get proper support and treatment. 
  • Clinicians should be able to consider a variety of appropriate therapeutic options.
  • The practice of prescribing hormone blockers and cross-sex hormones for gender dysphoria should be scientifically scrutinised, as there is currently no robust evidence that they improve long-term outcomes and increasing concern around harms.
  • People with gender dysphoria and co-occurring mental health conditions require compassionate, person-centred care. The fragmentation of clinical responsibilities between gender and psychiatric specialists, as well as over-stretched mental health services, mean they may not be getting adequate holistic support.
  • A young person’s understanding of their own identity is an evolving process related to growth and experience. We advocate keeping future options for maturing individuals and caution in using medical pathways that may impair sexual function and fertility.
  • Healthcare organisations require evidence-based policies with clear definitions of biological sex, gender, gender identity and gender dysphoria.
  • We call for unbiased information about the more complex psychological understanding of gender identity development and support available to patients in distress. 

Some of our members include:

Dr David Bell B SC, MB, MRCP, FRCPsych 


Retired Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Richard Byng, MB BCh, MPH, MRCGP, PhD

General Practitioner and Professor in Primary Care Research

Dr Katie Clyde MBChB, MRCPsych, DGM

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Lenny Cornwall MD, FRCPsych 

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Sara Dahlen MBBS, MSc, DPMSA

PhD Student

Dr Angela Dixon MBBS, DRCOG, DPD

General Practitioner, Scotland

Dr Lucy Griffin MBBS, MRCPsych, BSc, PGCME

Consultant Psychiatrist – Adult Mental Health 

Dr Az Hakeem MBBS, MSc, FRCPsych 

Consultant Psychiatrist 

Honorary Clinical Associate Professor 

Medical Forensic Psychotherapist & Group Analyst 

Pat Harvey AFBPsS 

Consultant Clinical Psychologist (retired)

Dr Louise Irvine MBChB, DRCOG, MSc

General Practitioner

Dr Tessa Katz BSc, MBChB, MRCGP, DRCOG

General Practitioner

Dr Julie Maxwell MBBCh, MRCPCH

Associate Specialist Community Paediatrician

Elaine Miller

Fellow of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Dr Madeleine Ní Dhálaigh MB BCh BAO MICGP DCH DOWH

General Practitioner, Ireland

Stella O’Malley BA (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy, MA

Psychotherapist, PhD candidate

Professor David Pilgrim PhD

Chartered Clinical Psychologist.

You can support our campaign by signing our declaration.