Comments from signatories

We have received many valuable comments from those who have signed the declaration and we will post 10 at a time, changing them regularly:

“I am extremely concerned at the lack of an evidence base for many current policies. And I see the over-representation of looked-after children in referrals for gender services as a sign that no-one is fighting sufficiently for these children to get all-round diagnoses – that the people in charge are taking the line of least resistance, where they should be doing the exact opposite” (former Social Worker)

“‘First do no harm’. Affirmation with medical and possibly surgical treatment for young people is being requested without talking therapy. We do not know the long-term implications and either could lead to irreversible damage. We need to deeply delve into and understand the current drive for young girls in particular to seek this treatment. Medical professionals should not be coerced this way.“ (Medical Administration)

“I have a busy clinical practice and see occasional patients with neurological conditions with no clear cause who also have undergone gender reassignment treatments. There is little evidence base or research regarding long term effects of some of these treatments on the nervous system. I am also a father to 2 young impressionable girls and have parental concerns regarding the media influences on them.”(Anonymous) 

“Clinicians need to follow the old adage, “Do no harm”. The evidence is that medicalising gender dysphoria can lead to irreversible harm, particularly for children who embark on puberty blockers. This leads in over 90% of cases to cross-sex hormones and often to surgery. This is despite the fact that, with watchful waiting, the gender dysphoria disappears, in over 80% of cases. The mental and social health of such young people should be addressed first before affirming the dysphoria. The evidence is clear that in the majority of such children/adolescents, there is a history of prior mental health disorder/distress that leads to the dysphoria.” (Doctor) 

“Young people need space to develop and keep their options open. I have observed that the process for becoming trans follows the same trajectory we are taught to look out for in our prevent training, I therefore wonder if some of this is as a result of grooming.” (Anonymous)

“I am signing as I am deeply concerned as a medical professional at the way the profession was so quickly captured by those promoting gender ideology, with no opportunity for a thoughtful, critical discussion and debate, this includes the GMC as our regulator and the BMA as a trade union. Gender dysphoria appears to be the only mental illness which is treated with life-altering experimental medications and surgeries. 

These policies harm women and children. I believe medical transitioning of children (who cannot attain Gillick Competence to understand permanent loss of sexual function and fertility) will be the medical scandal of our time. 

I am delighted and reassured by the inception of this organisation, where like-minded professionals have a space to be heard, in a time where any dissenting voices are rapidly shut down.”(doctor) 

“Doctors must first do no harm. Subjecting some of society’s youngest and most vulnerable to untested, unsafe, ideologically-driven treatments is wrong and unethical.” (Doctor)

“As a social worker I have seen a disproportionate amount of traumatized and looked after children suffering with their identity and then adopting a trans identity. Once this happens all of the other reasons and concerns are overlooked. I am not convinced that affirming them with their trans identity is improving their wellbeing or causing them further rumination, confusion and self loathing. This identity causes issues around safeguarding. It then potentially leads to irreversible medical harms.” (Anonymous)

“Sex is immutable. Conflation of sex and gender is rife. Women are oppressed as a sex class. Women need access to single sex spaces and to choose the sex of carers and medical professionals for dignity, privacy and safety.” (Anonymous)

“I am primarily concerned that children are being given drugs to suppress normal puberty without any adequate risk/ benefit analysis, with a dearth of long term data on efficacy or side effects and potentially facing a lifetime of problems as a result. I do not think there is adequate evidence about the health consequences of children failing to go through a normal puberty (both short and long term, including in terms of cognitive development, mental health and increased risk of diseases such as osteoporosis). I also believe that the sex of a human is important information to allow for adequate, informed healthcare so should not be discarded in favour of gender identity (both can be recorded).” (Anonymous)