Comments from signatories

We have received many valuable comments from those who have signed the declaration and we will post just three at a time, changing them regularly:

“I have become aware of these issues both through family and longstanding membership of women’s groups. I feel concerned as a mother, as a woman and as a doctor.
A gender confused young person finds themselves in a highly politicised arena where everybody, including healthcare professionals, has an axe to grind. “First do no harm” and biology have been usurped by gender ideology. This seems to be in contravention to the GMC guidance on duties of a doctor. The usual safety systems used for new medical treatments are not being applied to the medical management of gender identity issues in young people. 
Our young people need a non-judgemental accepting space to work out who they are as they separate from their parents – instant affirmation of gender incongruence followed by prompt medicalisation undermine their ability to develop a rich wide-ranging individuality. Some may in maturity decide to transition – and they deserve medicalisation that is evidence based as well as respect and acceptance.” (Anonymous)

“The departure from normal standards of care in response to gender identity is deeply worrying. The medical profession should be a bulwark against harm caused by social contagion, amateur diagnoses and widespread misunderstanding of clinical need. It should be able to detect and respond appropriately to patients who have been schooled to provide template answers to secure prescriptions and referrals. Instead, too often, professionals treat claimed presentations of dysphoria with open arms or scant attention to protections necessary for patient safety. Well done for your work and keep it up!” (Policy manager) 

“I am very concerned about the lack of scientific evidence behind the medicalisation of “gender non conforming” children and young people. I find the concept of “gender” to be regressive and damaging to those who are gender non conforming (whatever that is) and same sex attracted. I’m also very worried that this movement is harmful to women and girls. I am worried about the changes in precise scientific language around sex. Finally the shutting down of any debate and the accusations of bigotry to those expressing any anxiety about what seems to be a major child safeguarding issue, is alarming.” (Consultant Psychiatrist)