book launch identity politics

Join David Pilgrim for the free online launch of his upcoming book Identity Politics: Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Author David Pilgrim is joined by Pragna Patel of the Southall Black Sisters and Women Against Fundamentalism to discuss the effects of the strong hold taken by identity politics in modern society, in particular online on social media platforms. The pair will consider to what extent these kind of politics have contributed to human flourishing, and discuss whether they have changed the world for the better.

Hosted by Public Interest Psychology

Identity Politics: Where Did It All Go Wrong?

An engaging investigation into the role of identity politics in today’s world. Pilgrim applies critical realism with practical implications for social policy, in particular to child protection and mental health work. He exposes identity politics as an inadequate response to life’s complexity, and re-establishes a realist objection to current arguments within social science about gender, sexualities, and putative moral panics. This accessible book is a must-read for anyone with an interest in contemporary policy formation or reform.

Due to be published 23 June.