Webinar #CANSGDoNoHarm

Clinical Advisory Network On Sex & Gender welcomes you to the first in our series of interactive webinars. These webinars will begin to cover the scope of our concerns and our work in the field of sex and gender in health care.

Louise Irvine

GP and Co-chair of Clinical Advisory Network on Sex and Gender. She will be talking about why CAN-SG was formed and some of the work we have done so far, reflecting the broad range of our concerns.

Stella O’Malley

Psychotherapist and co-author of When Kids Say They’re Trans. She will be talking about the evidence base underpinning gender healthcare for children and young people.

Aileen O’Brien Consultant Psychiatrist and Reader in Psychiatry and Education. As membership secretary of CAN-SG, Aileen will talk about the concerns clinicians from all backgrounds raise about gender ideology when joining CAN-SG. She will also speak in about the position of psychiatry.

Bob Withers

Jungian Psychoanalyst and former senior lecturer in the history and philosophy of medicine. He will be talking about some of the challenges in working psycho-therapeutically with gender dysphoric clients.

We’re a group of 100 clinicians calling for greater understanding and respectful discourse on sex and gender in healthcare. We campaign for clearer dialogue, better data collection, rigorous science and improved treatment options for gender dysphoria. 

“First do no harm” means we take seriously the responsibility of all clinicians to examine potential harms associated with gender medicine and healthcare interventions especially when treating vulnerable populations. 

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Bob Withers
Accompanying notes

Hilary Cass has emphasized the importance of working holistically and psychotherapeutically with young people